Find out what to do next in your life!


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I am Zoltán Gábor Lukács, leader of Palm Leaves readings.

I’d like to present you a unique possibility, that can give you a detailed, in-depth analysis about your fate and your forthcoming years.

From your palm leaf reading, you must have got an insight into the most important mechanisms of your life. You probably have a clearer vision of your life path, took the advice you got, so now changes are welcome to arrive into your life. Though there may be certain areas that are of extreme importance or contain bigger blocks and challenges. To have a deeper insight and possible solutions, have some side chapters of your palm leaf read.

Find out what to do next in your life!

Find out what to do next in your life!

Most people think it’s just enough to push the boat into the right direction, as sea currents make it float into the ideal harbour. But life is much more complex than that. Our path is paved by millions of energies, feelings, decisions and circumstances.

Awareness, striving for good, knowing your plans and goals are all vital in this journey. 

Take a closer look at the blocks that make your personal growth harder, and learn your ideal way to reach your best potential.

The glorious life path you told about at your reading is entirely possible to realize. Make steps to really live it, grab your opportunity now!

Feeling stuck? Uncertain about what to do? Do you feel a lack of control in your life?

Everybody has a life purpose. It’s not an accident you were born on Earth. It’s vital to clean karmic energy and to understand the energies that have an impact on you. To lead your life intentionally. What do you think you can achieve by being an external observer of your own life, just like in a movie? Why not be instead the director and protagonist of your own movie?

Chapters - unfolding your palm leaf

Your palm leaf is basically the first step, the first chapter.

Though there can be new questions arising after your reading.

There may be certain areas in your life that are of special importance to you or contain huge blocks and challenges.

There are one or more additional bundles of leaves belonging to each original bundle of leaves. Adding these to your original palm leaf, new, hidden dimensions of knowledge and wisdom can be opened up for you. If you would like to get a more detailed guidance, ask for the reading of the chapters which you think are important to you. The reading of these chapters can be organized in the following months after your original reading and within one year the latest.

You should choose at least three chapters per occasion as suggested by the palm leaf library.

Of course, you can choose more than three or even all of them. Chapters can be combined freely and we are here to help you to properly select them if you need us.

The length of the chapters varies by type. The basic reading of the numbered chapters usually takes 15-30 minutes. Special chapters usually take more time to be revealed. The length of your reading varies, based on the intensity of initiations and the fact that how many blocks and challenges that certain life area of yours contain.

Chapters of Palm leaves:

Chapter 2:


18.000 Ft

The future of your family, financial background, future education possibilities, savings and investments, health of the eye.

It is similar to the palm leaf reading, unfolding the main topics of it to a greater extent. Is there a possibility for further education, and if yes, what is the right direction? What is ahead of your family, what to do to lead a happy family life for all of you?

Chapter 3:


18.000 Ft

Life stages of your siblings, their main life events, your relationship with them.

Is it possible for you to cooperate with them in work, spirituality or in other areas of life? It reveals what is ahead of your siblings in work, health and in their own family life. The advice you can get here can significantly help ease possible conflicts and tension in a peaceful and loving way.

Chapter 4:


18.000 Ft

Role and impact of your mother in your life. Life events, experiences and feelings of your mother. How will your relationship develop with your mother? What to do to make the difficult situations easier?

How will your mother’s life develop? When will she pass and how will that happen? Are there any dangerous situations expected to arise in her life? What can you do for her life to be long and happy? How your financial situation will develop, will you have the opportunity to own properties, what will your housing be like? What will you be able to achieve financially?

Chapter 5:


18.000 Ft

Having children, life, achievements, education, career of your children and possible challenges and difficulties. Blocks in having children, conception and pregnancy. Adoption, step-children.

Chapter 6:


18.000 Ft

Possible diseases, reasons and possible outcomes. Enemies also belong to this chapter, moreover possible significant law cases, suits, court cases, the outcomes and consequences of them. What to do and what to change to avoid these difficulties or to make these blocks easier?

Chapter 7:


18.000 Ft

How can you find your partner, and under what circumstances? What kind of blocks can hold you back from starting a relationship? How will your marriage develop in the future? What should you do to make your marriage happy in the long term? What to do for physical, emotional, sexual balance and for everyday harmony? Is there a chance for divorce, what to do to avoid it? How can you make your relationship closer and happier again?

Chapter 8:


18.000 Ft

Accidents, court cases, important decisions that have direct impact on our life. How long will you live? What kind of serious dangers and problems can arise in your life? What to do to prevent and avoid serious blocks and ease their impacts on your life?

Chapter 9:


18.000 Ft

Relationship with your father. How to make your relationship closer with him? What kind of common life and spiritual experiences can be expected for the two of you? This chapter gives information about your father’s life path, health, finances, dangerous situations and diseases. When and under what circumstances could you get real estate property? What kind of experiences or events should you expect in this field? What should you take care of, what could be the possible challenges? This chapter may also contain some information about your spiritual path. For example, what to learn, which direction to choose, how to improve yourself. How could you become a good, clean and effective healer, teacher, therapist or consultant? How can you evolve further? Are there any spiritual blocks in your way? Is there a possibility to have a master, where to find him or her, what you can achieve with the help of your master?

Chapter 10:


18.000 Ft

Work, profession, promotion, career, success, possibilities, failures. What kind of ventures should you start? How to create a fair income? What could be the possible failures and challenges along your way? Business opportunities, risks and possible financial problems and their solutions. This chapter can also give you insights into the topics of mobility, moving, new home or new workplace.

Chapter 11:


18.000 Ft

Is there a possibility of having another romantic relationship or a next marriage? If you don’t live in your first marriage or relationship anymore, how to maintain a good relationship with your actual partner? This chapter also covers vehicles. When is it possible to buy a new car and what type should you prefer?

Chapter 12:


18.000 Ft

Is there a possibility for you to live abroad? What kind of journeys are ahead of you? What will your financial situation be like? What are the most significant expenses you should be aware of? Is there a possibility of a next incarnation ahead of you? What to do to make your next incarnation the best possible experience? How to lead your life to obtain admission to the heavenly realms? What to do to fulfil your life purpose?

Special chapters:

Aushadha Kandam

50.000 Ft

Causes and background of illnesses, healing advice, tips for cleansing wrong tendencies.

This chapter focuses on your health condition. From this chapter, you can be more aware of the diseases possibly arising in your life, as well as the divine energies, planetary alignments or karmic blocks that trigger these problems. It can also reveal the background of life-threatening illnesses. You can also get specific, detailed lifestyle and diet recommendations. What and how much to eat for your specific problem? What type of food to avoid and what are the best combinations? How much water to consume? What type of nutrients and elements to particularly take care of?

Allergies, inflammatory diseases, cancer, serious problems; how to avoid them, heal them or relieve the symptoms of them. Based on our experience, the length of this chapter depends on the diseases to be expected. If you don’t have serious blocks in this area, the reading may be shorter, and if you need deeper support, it can take even an hour.

Dhasa Bhukti Kandam

70.000 Ft

The most important planetary positions in your life. Deep connections of the past and the future. Revealing the main structure and intersections in your life.

This chapter speaks about the main planetary alignments having impact on your life. What planetary positions were you born at? What are the main energetic stages in your life? What kind of effects were dominant in the past? What are the main planetary intersections that determine each stage of your life? Based on my experience, this chapter may reveal energy fields of deep wisdom that might override astrology. This chapter might give information about very specific intersections that cannot be revealed otherwise.

It is recommendable to have this chapter read if you had greater breaks in your life or if you suspect some kind of unknown impacts or powers that should be examined deeper.

Prasna Kandam

50.000 Ft

Deep insight to five, freely chosen personal questions.

This chapter differs from the others. It is called ‘closing chapter’, which can give answers to those questions that have been unanswered so far. If you would like to have this chapter read, please bring specific and concrete questions with you. You can have a maximum of 5 questions at once. You will get a deep and detailed answer to each of your questions, which can take even 10-15 minutes by each to unfold. Planetary alignments, karmic connections spanning several lifetimes, source and roots of events. What is the exact cause, what is the goal, what to be expected? A couple of examples of good questions: What should I do in order to…? When and after what events can it be realized? What energies to change in order to reach a specific goal? What holds me back from realizing something?

If you wish, we happily send your questions to India, where they will be looked through to check if they are properly phrased and if they can be correctly answered.

Gnanna Kandam

50.000 Ft

Chapter of spiritual development, knowledge and wisdom. What to do and what to learn to evolve and become more conscious.

This is one of the most important chapters of palm leaves. ‘Gnanna’ (pronounced ‘njana’) means the clarity of knowledge and walking in the path of enlightenment. It reveals your role in the world of the soul. What to do to reach the highest levels available for you in the spiritual world? It gives you guidance for your personal growth. It reveals whether you will have a guru or master. What to do to gain wisdom, what are your tasks or duties on your way towards enlightenment? How your spiritual skills will unfold, what to expect from your spiritual practice? This chapter is not available for everyone, as not all palm leaves contain this one. And if it’s available, it still may be a short one. Its content and insights depend on the purity of your faith and intentions. Based on experience, it is more detailed when someone already has spiritual experience. Messages, teachings, initiations, revealing hidden fields of knowledge, accessing skills.

Politikai fejezet

70.000 Ft

Your opportunities as a political or spiritual leader. How to reach the highest possible levels.

A rare chapter, specifically available for those whose life purpose, goals and ambitions are connected to a role of a leader, spokesperson or opinion leader. It is available for politicians, decisionmakers, spiritual teachers, masters who impact the lives of many. If this role is part of your life, you can get detailed, even practical guidance about why and how to do your best. It reveals if you can undertake a political role, what to expect if you run in an election as a candidate, how to take part in politics or help the politicians, is there a future career available for you as an analyst or political advisor? How could you reach the biggest crowd with spiritual messages, how could you become a leader helping the personal growth of many? What kind of leader could you become; how should you walk on your path to reach the highest possible level in your mission?

Aasi Kandam

50.000 Ft

What are the blessings you already have been given? What doors have been opened for you by God and in which life areas?

From this chapter, you can learn your blessed areas and your initiations, and it also reveals the problematic energy fields that require more attention and effort. Essentially, this chapter equals with a very powerful prayer of creation, moving enormous energies. If you have started to open your spiritual senses, you will be able to see and feel exactly what happens. Your divine guides gather together and let you know what are the blessings you already own. During reading this chapter, several energy fields will be shown to you shortly, such as if you have blessings from your ancestors, from ancient worlds, the animal kingdom, or different planets and dimensions. It also points out the fields you need more cleansing or raising your vibration on in order to live your life to the fullest and be able to realize your life purpose actively. At the end of the reading you can also receive an initiative blessing from the palm leaf reader itself, which can significantly enhance your inner spiritual work.


Registration form:

Terms of registration:


Please, take into account that readings of the side chapters can be organized within one year of the reading of your original palm leaf. If it’s been more than one year since your original reading, it is recommended to have another palm leaf of yours found.

We kindly suggest that you select at least three chapters for one occasion. Of course, you may select more than three, as there is no upper limit.

Preparing the chapters starts upon sending your registration form, and the transfer details will be e-mailed to you.

The reading of your chapters can take place in person in Budapest, at our centre at Kolosy square, or online, using your own device and Skype.

The fee can be paid by bank transfer. After receiving your fee, we will contact you to make an appointment for your reading.

If you have any questions, but couldn’t find the answer here, please feel free to send an email to or call us (+36 30 970 1611, 10AM-4PM on weekdays).